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Protective Coatings Industry:

The Protective Coatings industry is vast. There are countless industrial painting companies world wide all claiming to be the best. Many with certified painters offering years of experience in the coatings field. With this knowledge our goal is to inform our reader of their options. Our hope is that after reading through this site you give us a call or e-mail to schedule your free consultation. Vancouver Mobile Sandblasting is a family owned company we offer a personal touch. Our painters are licensed and insured. We strive to earn your trust and by doing so we hope to become your contractor of choice. Our services include: Industrial and Commercial painting, concrete sealing and surface preparation through sandblasting. We are a mobile company serving all locations.

So what sets Vancouver Mobile Sandblasting Painters apart from the rest?

  • Our painters have the experience and knowledge to properly schedule and manage the most complex of jobs.

  • Our painters are mobile, capable of reaching the most remote locations.

  • We are fully insured and are in good standings with WCB

  • We offer free consulting to better inform our customers of their vast options.

  • We are competitively priced and we stand behind all of our work.

  • By offering sandblasting services we can keep the cost of surface preparation down

  • We have been in business since 1984. Preparing surfaces for coatings.

So what is surface preparation?

The importance of surface preparation to the future success of coatings is undeniable. If a surface is improperly prepared paint manufacturers will not guarantee the success of their coatings. Prior to coating steel for example, sandblasters will prepare the surface by removing all paint, rust, debris... Sandblasters will then follow specifications put in place by the paint manufacturers for their specific product. Surface preparation standards include surface profile and degree of cleanliness. Both of these are explained further on our sandblasting steel page. Failure to properly prepare surfaces will result in coating failure. Our knowledge in surface preparation saves our customers time and money. We guarantee after a surface has been properly addressed the coatings application will measure up to the demands that we place on them.

How do you chose the proper coatings for the job?

Coatings options are unlimited. However we find that the range of coatings options are exciting. By offering our customers the latest/greatest/tested coatings options you can trust that your project will be handled with the experience and professionalism that is required.

Containment? Scaffolding?

We offer full containment and scaffolding services. Our containment services include: Containment for areas with hazardous materials, Containment over environmentally sensitive areas, Containment over area's at risk of over spray (close environments),Containing an area will enable other work on site to continue. Containment can also protect the work environment during questionable weather.

Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Our sandblasters are well versed in the importance of surface preparation and coatings applications. By paying close attention to problematic areas that could possibly jeopardize the lasting effects of the coatings application. We inform our customers of all possibilities regarding their investment providing solutions and proper maintenance techniques. Longevity in you investment is our goal and standard.

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