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Sandblasting Wood

Sandblasting wood is an effective way to clean dirt, debris, paint, and soot from the woods surface. Sandblasting not only cleans wood but can bring the wood back to its original state. There are various media options available. Allweld Mobile Sandblastingwill take the time to understand the needs of our customers then make these choices accordingly. A test blast could show the customer what the result could be.

Common media options for sandblasting wood include but not limited to:

Crushed Glass: - crystalline silica-free, environmentally friendly, made from recycled glass, provides superior cutting power for removing.

Ground Corn Cob Grit: A very soft abrasive used for burnishing, polishing, deburring, an drying metal and plastic parts. Due to its tough, resilient, dust free character, it is excellent for soft grit blasting and tumbling.

Walnut Shell: A relatively soft nut shell abrasive for removal of undesirable coatings without etching, scratching, or marring surfaces. The pellets are tough, possess high strength and resist break down, but are non-abrasive in character. Low dust, and usable in all types of blast equipment. Most widely used for blast cleaning when very close tolerances must be maintained.


Depending on what is being removed from the wood, containment may be necessary.

Having wood refurbished is not only the best environmental option but can be extremely cost effective. Leaving the wood ready for paint or simply in its natural state. In a short amount of time the results can be staggering. Our mobile units enable us to move to remote areas to serve our customers with ease.


Allweld Mobile Sandblasting offers full cleaning services. We work with our customers to best suit their needs.

Sandblasting has advantages over using sandpaper.

Sandblasting is faster, can reach small spaces where sandpaper may miss. Sandblasting wood can provide a uniform finish.

Common sandblasting wood practices include: refurbishing wood, removing existing paint, reclaiming wood after fires, exposing grain to improve aesthetics. Old warehouses with wood post and beam construction look staggering once sandblasted for redevelopment to office or residential space.

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