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Country: USA
Patent: US108408                                                                        
Date: 1870, October 18th
Pioneer: Benjamin C. Tilghman
Invention: Inventor of the Sandblasting Process
Summary: By means of propelling sand by rapid jet or current of stream, air, water, or other suitable gaseous or liquid medium this invention improves current cutting, grinding, and engraving stone, metal, glass, and other hard substances. The greater the pressure of the jet the bigger will be the velocity imparted to the grains of sand, and the more rapid and powerful the cutting effect upon the solid substance..more... 
Country: USA, St. Louis Missouri                                                  
Patent: US0979897
Date: 1910, December 27th
Pioneer: G.F. Steedman
Invention: Closed Hopper Sand Blast
Summary: a certain new and useful Improvement in Closed Hopper Sand-Blasts, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact, description, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. This invention relates to sand blast apparatus, and particularly to closed hopper sand blasts, namely, sand blasts of that type in which the sand in the hopper is under air pressure..more...
Country: USA, Newark, New Jersey
Patent: US1201566
Date: 1916, October 17th
Pioneer: Alfred E. Davidson
Invention: Rescue Apparatus
Summary: relates to a rescue apparatus and more particularly to a smoke helmet...more...
Country: Great Britain, Hills of Oaks, Lake Windermere, Lancaster England
Patent: US145997
Date: 1923, June 26th
Pioneer: Clifford Roger Fleming Williams
Invention: Nozzle for the delivery of water or other liquid under pressure
Summary:The nozzle comprises a tubular portion which is taper or cylindrical and is provided at the admission end with the relatively restricted opening or inlet referred to, the said tubular part merging, towards the delivery end into a bulb or enlargement having a delivery orifice of less diameter than the greatest internal diameter or axis of the bulb...more..
Country: USA, Grand Rapids Michigan
Patent: US1467488
Date: 1923, September 11th
Pioneer: Leonard Muste
Invention: Sand Blast Machine
Summary:Primary objective make a machine with the means for causing an even feed of sand to be acted upon by air pressure so that at all times the sand shall flow evenly from the machine without plugging or stopping of the sand flow. A further objective of the invention is to separate any water or oil from the sand or from the air going to the sand which causes the intermittent projection of wet oily sand from the machine...more..
Country: USA, Whittier California
Patent: US2038249
Date: 1936, Aprl 21st
Pioneer: Winston F. Stoody
Invention:Sandblast Nozzle and Holder
Summary:Improved sand-blast nozzle holder of a design that there are no internal shoulders in the line of flow which would otherwise retard the flow of sand and be subject to its cutting action...more..
Country: USA, Evanston, Illinois
Patent: US2040715
Date: 1936, May 12th
Pioneer: E.V. Smith
Invention: Liquid Blasting
Summary:relates to liquid blasting and more particularly to a method of blasting with abrasive in which liquid is employed as a motive force...more...
Country: USA, Wooster, Ohio
Patent: US2063699
Date: 1936, December 8th
Pioneer: John C. Schellin
Invention: Valve Construction
Summary:relates to valves for many and various uses, and more particularly to rotary valve construction employing resilient means adapted to seal the valve orifices when the valve is under pressure...more...
Country: USA, Maywood Illinois
Patent: US2066706
Date: 1937, January 5th
Pioneer: William E. Watters
Invention:Respiratory Protection Apparatus
Summary:relates to respiratory protective apparatus and particularly to protective apparatus for use by sand blasters, or other operators working in dust-laden air...more...
Country: USA, Buchanan Michigan
Patent: US2071472
Date: 1937, February 23rd
Pioneer: Clarence Fletcher
Invention: Water-Sand Blast Gun
Summary:relates to a blast gun, and more particularly to that type of gun designed for blasting with abrasive in which a liquid, such as water, is employed, and an object of the invention is to provide a gun characterized by such an arrangement of parts that the water issuing from the gun in a stream forms, as it were, an encasing wall or jacket for the sand as it issues from the gun, the object, intent and purpose being to increase the cleaning action and to keep the sand dry..more..
Country: USA, St. Joseph, Michigan
Patent: US2107084
Date: 1938, February 1st
Pioneer: Clarence B. Pletcher
Invention: Blast Gun
Summary:relates to sand blasting guns of the type using a high pressure of water for forcing a mixture of the water, sand and air from the nozzle of the gun on to the work or surface to be cleaned or sand blasted. Object: provide a blasting gun of the character above mentioned characterized by improved means for insuring a thorough mixing of the water, sand and air...more...
Country: USA, Alexandria, Verginia
Patent: US2114573
Date: 1938, April 19th
Pioneer: George F. Rhodes
Invention: Sand Blast Process
Summary:relates to the class of cleaning and pertains particularly to cleaning by sand blasting and stream. Objective: present invention is to provide an improved method of handling sand and stream or other moisture carrying fluid for the cleaning of stone or other surfaces whereby certain advantages ar obtained over the processes at present in use...more...
Country: USA, Arlington California
Patent: US2133149
Date: 1938, October 11th
Pioneer: Arthur J. Poncelet
Invention: Sand Blasting Mechanism
Summary:relates to the sand blasting mechanismObjective; provide a light weight mechanism of this character which can be conveniently carried in the hand of the user and wherein use is made of a pneumatic air gun through which a high velocity air stream can flow and the same be utilized to effect delivery into the stream of dry granular abrasive material from a container which is preferably, but not necessarily, carried by the gun...more...
Country: USA, Chicago Illinois
Patent: USA2176577
Date: 1939, October 17th
Pioneer: L.L Tirrell, Leslie L. Tirrel
Invention: Sandblast Device
Summary:relates to the improvements in sandblast guns and more particularly to a sandblast gun that is operated by hydraulic pressure. *prior to invention it was customary to use steam or air as a motive power for projecting the abrasive from a sand-blast gun*  Inventor states that the use of water or other liquid is advantageous because it is less expensive. Benefits include: higher surface tension, greater density than air or steam, and liquid is easily controlled also providing greater force....more...
Country: USA, Chicago Illinois
Patent: US2200587
Date: 1940 May 14th
Pioneer: L.L Tirrell
Invention: Method and Apparatus for Sandblasting
Summary: a method in sand blasting devices and apparatus for cleaning by abrasion which includes means whereby surfaces are abraded with a wet abrasive by the introduction of a supply of air and abrasive into a water stream, operation is a continuation in a part of Serial No. 37,585 filed August 23rd 1932
Objectives:provide apparatus which utilizes a liquid carrying medium for projecting abrasive at high velocity.Provide apparatus & method to control stream (thin stream to wide spray). Apparatus will have separate chambers for air and particles...more...
Country: USA, Decatur, Illinois
Patent: US2210335
Date: 1940 August 6th
Pioneer: Frank H Mueller
Invention: Valve
Summary:relates to valves and has as its particular object to provide a rotary plug valve of superior durability and efficiency in use. The this end the new valve includes a casing body having a chamber lined by a sleeve of flexible material within which the plug is rotatable for the control of flow a main feature of the arrangement being that the pressure of fluid in a line connected to the casing body will cause the sleeve to be pressed or collapsed against the plug in a manner to provide an effective seal, while at the same time the fluid is presented from flowing past the sleeve between the liner and the chamber walls...more...
Country: USA Oakland California
Patent: US2230690
Date: 1941 February 4th
Pioneer: Luigi Lanza
Invention: Blast Gun
Summary: relates to devices for admixing particles of matter with a stream of fluid and has particular reference to such a device useful in sandblasting Objective: to provide a mulch-purpose tool particularly designed for use in small industrial shops, which will perform when connected with a source of compressed air, numerous blowing or suction operations that heretofore required the use of a large assortment of separate tools each designed for a specific purpose...more...
Country: USA Turlock California
Patent: US2261565
Date: 1941 November 4th
Pioneer: Fredrick H. Roselle
Invention:Sandblast Machine
Summary: relates in general to sand blasting apparatus, and in particular the invention is directed to improved mechanism in apparatus of the type described to feed the sand into the stream of compressed air. Object: to provide mechanism which is arranged to prevent plugging of the sand in any part of the apparatus, such object being accomplished through the medium of a unique sand and air mixed assemble...more...
Country: USA Milwaukee Wisconsin
Patent: US2333264
Date: 1943 November 2nd
Pioneer: Walter J. Mc Dermott
Invention:Sand Blast Nozzle
Summary:present invention is to provide a connection between a hose and nozzle that eliminates misalignment and prevents the spalling away of the lining of the nozzle by sand or other material passing therethrough...more...
Country: USA Chicago Illinois
Patent: US2367647
Date: 1945 January 16th
Pioneer: William P. Mott
Invention: Control Valve for Sand Blasting
Summary: relates to sand blasting devices and particularly to control valves for sand blasting devices. Objective: provide a control valve for sand blasting which is of simple construction and yet effectively controls the sand blasting operation...more...
Country: USA Meadowbrook Pennsylvania
Patent: US2376616
Date: 1945 May 22nd
Pioneer: Sixtus J. Occhsle
Invention: Sand-blasting apparatus
Summary: relates to the art of sand-blasting and more particularly to improvements in the method of and apparatus for sandblasting in whichwater is employed to we the sand as it is projected against the surface to be treated...more...
Country: USA Milwaukee Wisconsin
Patent: US2380738
Date:  1945 July 31st
Pioneer: Arthur H. Eppler
Invention: Art of Sandblasting
Summary:  relates to improvements in the art of sandblasting. By sand blasting I include, of course, the use of other forms of abrasive, the word “sand” being employed generically for the purposes of this description. Objective: provide an improved means and method for sand blasting and simultaneously inhibiting the corrosion or oxidation of the freshly cleaned surface while at the same time making the sand blast more effective and enabling the use of cheaper grades of sand than have heretofore been regarded as practical....more...
Country: USA Montclair N.J.
Patent: US2387193
Date: 1945 October 16th
Pioneer: Waitstill H. Swenarton
Invention: Method of and Apparatus for Sand Blasting of Ships' Hulls
Summary: relates to the sand blasting of ferrous metal plates and other ferrous metal shapes and more particularly to the sand-blasting of the component metal strakes of ship hulls in the order to effectively and expeditiously remove paint, rust-scale, barnacles or the like there from and ha for its principal objects the provision of an efficient and economical method, which is non-hazardous t the operatives, for accomplishing these objects without objectionable corrosion of the blasted surface resulting from such operation. Other objects of the invention are herin after set forth...more...
Country: USA Los Angeles California
Patent: US2388818
Date: 1945 November 13th
Pioneer:  Edwin C. Bick
Invention: Regulating and Reducing Adapter for Sand Blast Machines
Summary: relates to sand blasting machines, and has more particular reference to a novel and improved structure characterized principally by a special adapter to which a delivery hose is connected, said adapter serving to satisfactorily regulate and reduce air and sandblasts issuing therefrom. Objective: improve upon prior known constructions in the same category and to do so through the medium of a simple and expedient assemblage of parts, all of said parts coordinating their proportionate functions in more satisfactorily handling air and sand streams...more...
Country: USA Los Angeles California
Patent: US2399385
Date:  1946 April 30th
Pioneer: James William Rasmussen
Invention: Sandblasting Apparatus and the Like
Summary:  relates to sand blasting machines and apparatus and more particularly to the construction and operation of the sand blasting equipment, including its controls and regulators which are especially adapted for controlling and for directing the flow of fluids, of sand and air, in a suitably combined form when passing through said apparatus and for directing the fluid blasting force, in a volume, velocity and the intensity of force, during the sand blasting operation.Objective; provide a simple and an inexpensive sand blasting apparatus, which is so constructed and arranged, whereby a required volume of sand, or other suitable material, such as abrasive or steel shots, or a combination of suitable insulating material, such as a granulated cork or the like, may be suitably mixed and then be applied with sufficient force upon the surface or surfaces, requiring such treatment...more..
Country: USA Chicago Illinois
Patent: US2401503
Date: 1946 June 4th
Pioneer: Jens A. Paasche
Invention:Air Spraying Device
Summary:  relates generally to a spray or airbrush device and more particularly to airbrush devices equipped with improved control valve structures...more.
Country: USA Milwaukee Wisconnin
Patent: US2405854
Date: 1946 August 13th
Pioneer: Richard Rucmelin
Invention: Gun for Blasting and Spraying
Summary: improvements in guns for blasting and spraying. Object: to present a gun which may be used for a variety of purposes such as wet or dry sand blasting operations, water washing operations, spraying with rust-proofing chemicals, or the spraying of cement mixtures...more..
Country: USA Chicago Illinois
Patent: US2489097
Date: 1949 November 22rd
Pioneer: Rey L. Luce
Invention: Method for Projecting Streams
Summary:  method for projecting liquid streams and more particularly to the projections of liquid, which may or may not contain abrasive material in suspension, in the form of an unbroken high velocity jet. Objectives: provide a method of projecting liquid streams in which air is added to the stream to be entrained thereby shortly before the final discharge of the stream. Method of projecting liquid streams in which the stream passed through an auxiliary nozzle prior to its final discharg. Method of projecting abrasive material with liquid in which abrasive material is first added to the liquid and air is subsequently entrained by the liquid prior to its discharge. ...more...
Country: France Paris
Patent: US2508766
Date: 1950 May 23rd
Pioneer: Stanislas Morel
Invention: Device for Increasing the efficiency of sandblast gun operating by means of compressed air.
Summary: Provide a device which can be fitted to all sandblasting installations operating by means of compressed air and which enables the efficacy to be increased by increasing the rate of discharge of abrasive without involving an additional consumption of compressed air, thereby very substantially lowering the cost of the sand-blasting operations...more...
Country: London England
Patent: US2579942
Date: 1951 December 25th
Pioneer: Thomas Trail MacLean
Invention: Protective Hood
Summary:  relates to protective hoods or helmets, such for example as those commonly used by welders and chemical workers. Objective: provide an improved form of protective hood which can be worn without discomfort, while working for prolonged periods, and which is provided with an adequate supply of fresh air for breathing, even when the temperature of the atmosphere outside the hood is such as would normally allow the hood to be worn only for limited periods...more...
Country: USA Chicago Illinois
Patent: US2331287
Date: 1953 March 17th
Pioneer: Robert Malcom Jr.
Invention: Face Protector
Summary: relates to face protectors such as hoods, shells and the like, and more particularly to protecting shield arrangements for the sight opening thereof. Objective: provide an improved face protector and protecting shield arrangement for the sight opening thereof wherein the protecting shield may be readily and quickly applied to and removed from the sight opening without the use of tools or fastening devices, wherein a tight seal for the sight opening is provided, wherein the protective shield is firmly held in place, and wherein various types of protecting shields having different thicknesses may be utilized...more...
Country: USA Monrovia Indiana
Patent: US2688962
Date: 1954 September 14th
Pioneer: Mourice R. Summers
Invention: Apparatus for Protecting workmen from Dust
Summary:  relates to a portable apparatus for protecting workmen from dust and is a continuation in part of my co-pending application Serial No. 142,229 filed on February 3, 1950 now abandoned. Objective: safeguard indoor and outdoor workmen against breathing dust laden air, or air borne particles or other foreign matter and is primarily concerned with the protection of farm workmen while working around farm machinery such as hay balers, combines and the like about which a great deal of dust and other particles are stirred up preventing them from breathing fresh air...more...
Country: USA Fresno California
Patent: US2717476
Date: 1955 September 13th
Pioneer: William M Myers
Invention: Wet Jet Nozzle Unit for Sandblasting
Summary:  relates generally to improvements in the nozzle unit of a sandblasting machine. Objective: provide a novel nozzle unit adapted for we-jet sandblasting; i.e. Sandblasting wherein the air-sand stream has water introduced therein, to the end that a wet, dustless blast is accomplished...more...
Country: USA Wadsworth Ohio
Patent: US2792671
Date: 1957 May 21st
Pioneer: Edward A Sprigg
Invention: Sandblast Nozzle Assembly
Summary:  sand-blast nozzle which will permit an unrestricted flow between the sand blast hose and the nozzle. Objectives: provide a sand blast nozzle assembly which may be secured to hose without damaging the wall of said hose. Also to provide a nozzle assembly which will receive a wide variety of terminal nozzle structures for various blasting operations...more...
Country: USA Los Angeles California
Patent: US2801133
Date: 1957 July 30th
Pioneer: Ian M Ridley
Invention: Angle Nozzle
Summary: relates to spray nozzles and has particular reference to nozzles wherein a change in direction is provided for. Objective: provide a new and improved spray nozzle for cementitious and refractory materials which is capable of sharply changing the direction of the material, thereby to make possible use of the nozzle in close quarters....more..
Country: USA San Fransisco California
Date: 1960 May 31st
Pioneer: Wilbur I Bipes
Invention:Control System for Sandblasting Equipment
Summary:  relates to a control system for sandblasting equipmentObjective: provide a control system whereby, an operator adjacent the nozzle end of the main feed line may control a feed line cutoff valve adjacent the equipment end of the line...more...
Country: USA Willoughby Ohio
Patent: US3066874
Date: 1962 December 4th
Pioneer: Richard M Becher
Invention:Catalyst Spray Gun and Method of Spraying Resins
Summary:  relates to improvements in a spray gun for a plurality of fluids which are kept separate during their progress through the gun and are mixed only in the spray pattern as they leave the gun and before they are deposited on a desired surface. The invention provides means located at the gun itself for quickly and accurately setting the rate of discharge of the various fluids whereby a critical ratio of the component fluids may be readily established and maintained, and may be readily reset for a repeat performance. ...more...
Country: USA Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii
Patent: US3070924
Date:  1963 January 1st
Pioneer: Herman Hastrup
Invention: Remote Control System for Fluid Activated Mechanism
Summary:  relates to a system and apparatus for the remote control of fluid actuated mechanisms used to trigger and control mechanical motion or the activation of mechanisms. It involves an element movable to one position by an increase in fluid pressure and to another position by a decrease in fluid pressure, utilized in connection therewith a jet eductor....more...
Country: USA Barrington Illinois
Patent: US3098233
Date:  1963 July 23rd
Pioneer: Earl J. Hoagland
Invention: Shoulder Mounted Safety Hood
Summary:  Before the present invention, safety hoods designed to protect a workers head from splashing by acids, caustics or the like, have usually been supported on the head. This has been the cause of some discomfort, and, more important, has impeded the movement of the wearer's head....more...
Country: USA Larkmoor Blvd. Berkley Michigan
Patent: US3102368
Date:  1963 September 3rd
Pioneer: Leslie W. Smith
Invention: Abrasive Spray Gun
Summary:  relates to a spray gun having nozzle means which is not only capable of resisting the abrasive action of grit and the like containing in buffing compounds, but also which has components which may be more economically manufactured and more economically reconditioned or replace...more...
Country: USA Rexburg Idaho
Patent: US3181532
Date:  1965 May 4th
Pioneer: Artell L. Harris
Invention:Sand Blasters Helmet
Summary:  comprises a novel and useful sand blaster's helmet and more particularly pertains to a helmet affording the maximum visibility for workers for workers while protecting them from injurious conditions such as harmful sand spray, noxious fumes and other detrimental conditions..more...
Country: USA Atherton California
Patent: US3201901
Date: 1965 August 24th
Pioneer: Alfred M. Pauli
Invention: Abrasive Blasting Equipment
Summary:  relates to abrasive blasting equipment and more particularly to control means for such equipment. Objective: provide abrasive blasting equipment having improved safety features. Also to provide abrasive blasting equipment having an improved control system for automatically discontinuing the blasting operation if the operator becomes disabled...more...
Country: Germany Erkrath-Unterbach
Patent: US3882639
Date:  1975 May 13th
Pioneer: Wilhelm Kollbach
Invention:Jet Sand Blasting of Bent Tubes or Rods
Summary:  to provide an apparatus and device for providing blasting jets for uniformly and transition-less sandblasting curved and bent pipes, tubes or rods, particularly when even bent in hairpin fashion...more..
Country: USA Springfield, Oragon
Patent: US4233785
Date:  1980 November 18th
Pioneer: Ralph N. Abell
Invention: Sandblasting Apparatus
Summary: the present invention is embodied in a sandblasting system suitable for small scale sandblasting operations such as those conducted in automotive repair shops and in do it yourself projects using rental equipment where it is advantageous that the system be easily transportable and of original low cost and low maintenance...more..
Country: Canada Quebec
Patent: US4534139
Date: 1985 August 13th
Pioneer: Yvon Desjardins 
Invention: Sandblaster
Summary: objects and advantages of the invention are realized according to a preferred embodiment comprising an upright tank or container designed to contain an abrasive grit (usually sand) under pressure, as is known. The lower portion of the tank is preferably funnel-shaped, opening into a sand-feed inlet, the latter being vertically oriented and communicating with an air-sand chamber at its lower end...more...
Country: USA Lockport Louisiana
Patent: US4709515
Date:  1987 December 1st
Pioneer: Henry Copeland, Steve M. Copeland
Invention: Wet Sandblasting Systems
Summary: the sandblasting system of the instant invention includes structure by which one or more wet sandblasting nozzles are provided and an operator for each nozzle is further provided a single airflow control valve which may be actuated to control the flow of air, sand and liquid to the corresponding nozzle. The system further incorporates structure whereby the liquid to be used in a we sandblasting operation may be water and wherein liquid rust inhibitor may be metered into the flow of water. Ln this aspect of the invention, the single airflow control valve under the control of each nozzle operator also controls not only the flow of water to the nozzle but also the injection of liquid rust inhibitor into the water flow...more..
Country: USA Artesia New Mexico
Patent: US5216849
Date:  1993 June 8th
Pioneer: Russel H. Clack, Stanley Davis, Ricki I Berry
Invention: Apparatus and Method for Sandblasting Pipe
Summary:  relates to exterior pipe cleaning and, more particularly, is concerned with an apparatus and method for quickly and economically sandblasting the exterior surface of a pipe in preparation for applying a protective coating or tape...more...
Country: Germany
Patent: US5283991
Date: 1994 February 8th  
Pioneer: Josef Keizers
Invention: Sandblasting method and a Moist-Sand Blasting Apparatus
Summary:  relates to a sandblasting method using abrasives, such as untreated sands and in particular river and quarry sands, the abrasive and water being fed to a pressure tank, a flow-able water-abrasive mixture being produced in the pressure tank and this mixture being removed from the pressure tank and fed through a hose pipe to a blast nozzle The invention also relates to a moist sand blasting apparatus. In order to provide a universally applicable sandblasting method and a corresponding apparatus, the invention permits water, compressed air an nonabrasive mixture to be fed to the hose pipe via switch means of a control unit alternatively per se or in the combination water and compressed air, water and water abrasive mixture, compressed air and water, and water compressed air and water abrasive mixture. ...more...
Country: USA
Patent: US5660806
Date:  1997 August 26th
Pioneer: William E. Fristad, Micheal J. Virnig, K. Elliott
Invention: Process for removing lead from sandblasting wastes containing paint chips
Summary:  object of the present invention to efficiently remove heavy metals from contaminated soil or paint chips. The present invention achieves this objective by simple and concise processes. One process according to the invention removes heavy metals other than mercury including ionic forms thereof from the soil and comprises leaching or washing soil with a mild leachant. The leachant solution is comprised of an aqueous solution of an acid and a salt. The anion of the acid forms a water soluble salt with all of the heavy metals which contaminate the soil. The salt component is comprised of at least one alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, or ammonium salt having one or more anions which also for a water soluble salt with the heavy metals leached form the contaminated soil. The process can be modified by adding a second step. ...more...
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The following information relates to the Pioneers of Sandblasting. The invention of the process of sandblasting was developed by a American Man by the Name of Benjamin C. Tilghman 1870 October 18th.  Over the past 100 + years inventors have continued to modify and add to all areas of the sandblasting field. The following information is provided by Vancouver Mobile Sandblasting. We are proud to be able to pass on the names and accomplishments of these inventors. The collection of US patents below can be downloaded by clicking on the (more) button. Information is powerful get informed. 

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