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Vancouver Mobile Sandblasting has been working with concrete since 1984.

We have the expertise and knowledge that is required when dealing with concrete. Our staff is well versed in the importance of surface preparation. When dealing with concrete many precautions need to be considered. Professionalism is must. Both new and existing concrete needs to be be first viewed for the following: form marks, discoloration, mildew, surface staining and efflorescence. After the initial consultation our sandblasters will inform the customer of the potential risks involved as well as the options available to them when considering sealing the concrete.



Preparing concrete for coating & sealing:


Refers to the elimination of dirt, debris, paint, rust, concrete..or other contaminates leaving the surface in an ideal state for the application of future coating or bonding.


Allweld Mobile Sandblasting provides information to our customers about concrete sealers. By preparing surfaces such as concrete, brick and stone through sandblasting we can assure our customers a quality long lasting result. When choosing a sealer it is important to purchase a quality product.



Our services include: concrete driveways, concrete floors, patio's, basements, waterproofing, brick sealers, epoxy coating, urethane,concrete coatings..



After the concrete is fully cured, the application of a concrete sealer is recommended.

Concrete Sealer not only protects the concrete but is used as a curing agent for new concrete.



Some advantages of sealing concrete include:

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